Sam Pipitone, owner of F&S Produce Company, needed reliable drivers to deliver freight on short notice, but struggled to find a transportation company that fit his needs. Taking the matter into his own hands, Mr. Pipitone founded Pipco Transportation in 1985.

With his new privately owned and 100% refrigerated fleet, he successfully brought his business model to growers and local processors in Southern New Jersey, who also needed short notice logistics. Years later, our clients still enjoy Pipco Transportation’s unique model and reliability.

Employee Testimonials

Hecter: 20 Years of Experience

I’ve been with Pipco Transportation for over 20 years. I started out as a Regional Driver and worked in the Plant for our Parent company of F&S Produce. I’m now a local driver and I plan to retire with Pipco Transportation. If you want to work we have the year round work for you!

Parrish : 26 Years of Experience

Pipco Transportation has also given me an opportunity to pursue my aspirations of helping others in need. Their generous contributions to Hurricane Katrina, Crop Circles events, and other philanthropic efforts have made this company very noble in my eyes.

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Our open relationship with nearby trucking companies gives us the flexibility to expand our fleet quickly during peak times and that means a resounding "yes" to all our customers' shipping needs.


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